Class Teacher Reflections

woman with thought bubble on chalk board

Twelve reflections for the class teacher when including a pupil with a Hearing loss/Auditory processing disorder / Dyslexia / ASD / ADHD

  • Ensure I am facing the pupil when addressing him/her
  • Give as many visual clues as possible
  • Remember to write key words on the whiteboard
  • Encourage the pupil to say when he/she does not understand
  • Remember to repeat other pupils’ contributions
  • Remember to ensure the pupil is aware of topic changes
  • Should there be in class support use it to encourage independent learning
  • Remember the high level of concentration required means that I must make allowances towards the end of the day for undue tiredness.
  • Have I arranged for a quiet area for the student to work?
  • Show a fexible approach to recording of information – charts, storyboards, comic strips.
  • Reduce the length of the tasks
  • Informed the LSA in advance of the vocabulary and key points to be covered