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Welcome to Auditory Actions

Auditory actions is a service which provides expert advice, support and assessments to schools requiring additional help for a range of language related special needs.

Auditory actions has been established as a response both to the decline in specialist services offered to schools as part of the government’s “austerity” agenda and lack of training offered to learning support assistants.

The aims of AA are straightforward, too provide a service in partnership with and to complement schools and local authorities enabling them to improve outcomes for all children.

Temporary Teacher of the Deaf

There are times when recruiting for a suitable teacher of the deaf is a little difficult.  

Until you find the right person for the job auditory-actions is able to provide visits to schools/nurseries cover on a part time basis.  Auditory-Actions has experience in this work and can provide efficient an efficient temporary service for you.


Programmes for children with APD

Pupils with Auditory Processing Disorder can resemble hearing loss – difficulty in remembering auditory information, mispronunciation of words, difficulty with vocabulary acquisition

Auditory-action I able to assess s to whether the pupil would benefit from a problem which help with this problem and to provide a specific language programme.


Support with overall curriculum access

For many children the curriculum is challenging, the  work requires differentiation, story writing is very challenging,  the language of maths   is difficult to interpret, along with everyday vocabulary used.  Auditory-actions  is able to help in these areas, showing how work can be adjusted to incorporate the  individual need.


Catherine Routley, Director

I have  over 30 years’ experience in special needs. My background is that of a teacher of the deaf, educational audiologist having held  positions within local authorities which  included work  with early years/preschool , expertise in Auditory Processing Disorder , in house training for teachers and LSA.

Recent publications

Auditory Processing in the Classroom

Auditory Processing in the Classroom

The book looks at the various theories which give rise to a diagnosis of APD. Although awareness and research of APD has been chiefly carried out in the USA, it is now increasingly becoming acknowledged in the UK. Teachers are becoming aware of the impact of APD on a wide range of classroom learning. Assessments, awareness of APD in the classroom and its co-existence with other learning problems are areas which are discussed. The book is essentially a practical one, offering a range of strategies of how pupils can be helped, teaching strategies, modifying the classroom environment and providing details of both low and high cost strategies. The difficulties of APD relating to the various key stages are referred to, disc with ideas of how parents can provide support.

Special Learners in School: Understanding Essential Concepts

Offering a wealth of photocopiable resources for use with individual children or small groups, Special Learners in School provides a step-by-step programme to help practitioners support children with a range of special educational needs, and develop the skills which are fundamental to their learning in the mainstream classroom.

Competencies including active listening and observation skills, memory, comprehension of pattern and sequencing, positional and expressive language, body awareness and emotional intelligence are all key to ensuring a child’s access to the school curriculum. Recognising that these can be particular areas of difficulty for pupils with SEND, this book provides a range of activities designed to engage and gradually develop children’s use of auditory and visual memory, pragmatic and sensory skills. Easily accessible and differentiated for children at lower and upper levels of ability, practical examples and activities can be used immediately, or be adapted in line with students’ abilities and progress.

This will be an invaluable source of inspiration and activites for learning support assistants, teaching assistants, teachers and SENCOs looking to support children in mainstream schools as they develop skills fundamental to their learning.

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