Temporary Teacher of the Deaf

There are times when recruiting for a suitable teacher of the deaf is a little difficult.  

Until you find the right person for the job auditory-actions is able to provide visits to schools/nurseries cover on a part time basis.  Auditory-Actions has experience in this work and can provide efficient an efficient temporary service for you.


Programmes for children with APD

Pupils with Auditory Processing Disorder can resemble hearing loss – difficulty in remembering auditory information, mispronunciation of words, difficulty with vocabulary acquisition

Auditory-action I able to assess s to whether the pupil would benefit from a problem which help with this problem and to provide a specific language programme.


Support with overall curriculum access

For many children the curriculum is challenging, the  work requires differentiation, story writing is very challenging,  the language of maths   is difficult to interpret, along with everyday vocabulary used.  Auditory-actions  is able to help in these areas, showing how work can be adjusted to incorporate the  individual need.